Endnotes; Some Descendants of Matthias YoakumSome Descendants of Matthias Yoakum


1. From Sara Patton: One of Dr. Smith's many unproven assumptions was that Francis Yoakum who died 13 August 1751 in Frederick Co (Will Bk1:480) was the FATHER of Matthias Yoakum. Original Frederick Co records present ABSOLUTE PROOF that Francis was the SON of Matthias Yoakum and that he died in 1751, NOT in 1780 as found in some family lists.

Frederick Co, VA Will Bk 1:481 Aug 13, 1751:

"Know all men by these presents that we Mathias Yoakham, John Varvel and Michael Harness are held and firmly bound unto Morgan Morgan Gent first Justice...in the sum of one hundred pounds Currt money....we bind our selves...on this 13 day of August 1751.

The Condition of this obligation is such that by the above bond Mathias Yoakham administrator of all the goods Chattels and Credits of Francis Yoakham dec'd do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods Chattels and Credits of the s'd deceased ...and further to make Just and true account of his actings and doings thereon which thereto required by the sd Court and all the rest and residue of the sd goods Chattels and Credits which shall be found remaining upon the sd administrators account the same being first Examined and allowed by the Justices of the Court for the time being shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively...and if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and Testment was made by the sd deceased and the Executor or Executors therein named do Exhibit the same unto the sd Court making request to have it allowed and approved accordingly it the sd Mathias being there unto required do render and deliver up his Letters of Administration...."

Mathias Yoakham signed with mark "ME", John Varvel signed with signature,

Michael Harness signed with mark "T"

Frederick Co, VA Order Bk 3:493 Aug 13, 1751:

"Certificate for obtaining letters of administration of the Estate of Frances Yoakam decd is granted to Matthias Yoakam his Father he having according to law taken the Oath of an Administrator and with John Varvle (sic) and Michael Harness his Securitys entered into Bond for his true and faithful Administrations of the sd dec'ds Estate and acknowledged the sd Bond in Court the same is admitted to record. "

Jonathan Cobourn, William Miller, Peter Casey and Peter Thorn appointed as appraisers.

INTERPRETIVE NOTE: Since Matthias was appointed administrator, Francis did not have a will. This does not PROVE that Francis was not married, however. Since Francis had an estate, he was at least of legal age and COULD have been married. One's wife and/or children are not usually mentioned in estate administrations unless they are appointed the administrator. This also shows that Francis probably died sometime in the period between the May and August court sessions in 1751.

At this point, Francis was probably living in Hardy or Hampshire Co, WV, both of which were then part of either Augusta or Frederick counties. All of the men listed above as securities, appraisers, etc. appear numerous times in the court records of both Augusta and Frederick counties.

I have not yet found the inventory of the estate but it may be there. Photocopies of original documents in my file.

Sara Patton.
2. Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig, Yoakums of Virginia

(3406 Macomb St. NW, Washington, DC 20016-3160: Peter Stebbins Craig, January 2000),

Tentative children for Matthias Yoakum Sr. after Craig, revised from H.C. Smith. Craig's research reveals no evidence of the existance or Heinrich, Matthias, Francis progenitors of this Matthias..
3. Letters of Helen Yoakum Black, n.d., "[Elizabeth Harness] subsequently married Philip Paul Yoakum, full-brother of Felty Yoakum and half-brother of John Yoakum who went to Kentucky.", Hardy County Genealogical Society.
4. H. C. Smith, The Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum Families and Others, However the Name is Spelled

(Glendale 2, California: Author, 1963).
5. Craig, Yoakums of Virginia, Regarding H. C. Smith's 'Heinrich Jochem', Craig writes: "There was no such person in New Amsterdam. Instead, the passenger list for the [ship] Beaver shows that it carried a number of men, women, and children, including two maidens, Hendrickje Jochems and Geertje Jochems." (Craig cites Tepper, "New World Immigrants").
6. Tepper, New World Immigrants

(n.p.: n.pub., n.d.),

7. Frederick Co, VA Will Bk 1:481 Aug 13, 1751, n.d..
8. Craig, Yoakums of Virginia, 11, Names children after H. C. Smith, as corrected by Steve Smith.
9. _________, Hardy County Wills

(n.p.: n.pub., n.d.),

Will of Phillip Powle Yokem, probated 9 Dec. 1807, "being striking to an old age in years," leaves to son John the plantation whereon he now lives according to the lines drawn by Jacob Fisher; to son Jacob Yokum the half in Canaan already in his possession; to son George Yoakum the other half of the said silvay above mentioned in Canaan joined to his brother Jacob; to son Phillip Yokem the plantation where I now live as bought from General George Marshall; to my youngest son Michael Yokem "no share of the land above mentioned, but he to have an equal part of the money if any left." To my daughter Elizabeth, wife formerly of James Renick, an equal share in movables. To the children of my daughter Catherine Beverly, deceased, her share of the movables. To daughter Barbara Starr an equal share in the movables. Sons John Yokem and Jacob Yokem to be executors. Witnesses Anthony Baker, Sr., Anthony Baker, Jr., Adam Harness and William Heath.

Codicil grants his home plantation equally to sons Phillip and Michael, Michael to make payments to Jacob and George and to Elizabeth and Barbara. (Hardy County wills, quoted in Smith, 51-52).
10. Letters of Helen Yoakum, "[My paternal grandparents Philip Paul Yoakum and Elizabeth Harness] raised eight children, five sons and three daughters: Elizabeth, John, Jacob, Geroge, Catharine, Philip Paul and Michael. Elizabeth married James Renick. He died and she and her three children went to Kentucky. John married Madaline Neff. Jacob married ______, George married Catherine Harness. Barbara married Jacob Star and went to Kentucky. Catharine married Johathan Purcell and went to Wabash and became very rich. Philip Paul married Elizabeth Mace. Michael married Elizabeth Stump [Helen Yoakum Black's parents] and raised eight children.".
11. Craig, Yoakums of Virginia.
12. Smith, Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum Families, 72-74.
13. Letters of Helen Yoakum, Married Jacob Star and moved to Kentucky.
14. Research summary from Mike Sizer, Jun 1999, Personal correspondence regarding history and movements of Michael Yoakum in Virginia/Tennessee, and association with Solomon..
15. Craig, Yoakums of Virginia, Citing Mike Sizer..
16. Research Summary, Mike Sizer.
17. There is a Jacob Yokum, b. 1770-1780, listed on the 1840 Taney County Missouri census. Listed with him are a female b. 1770-1780, and a male b. 1820-1825. Listed next is Levi, b. 1810-1820. Listed nearby is Henry Yokum, b. 1800-1810, and Joseph Philebert, b. 1800-1810. Solomon Yokam is listed as b. 1760-1770. Jacob is likely the brother of Solomon b. ca 1773. This Jacob is most likely the "James" that has been reported in so many of the compiled histories of the area, who had a son Levi. Also note that Henry (1810), whom I have tentatively assigned as a son of Solomon (without proof), could very possibly be the son of this Jacob. Jacob is listed with a possible wife, a possible son, and 2 possible daughters on the 1840 census. Their identities are not known.

Taney County, Missouri, 1840 census:

Yokam, Henry 200001000000 000010000000

Yokam, Solomon 002100000100 302200100000

Phileburt, Joseph 010001000000 200010000000

Yokum, Jacob 000100001000 200010000000

Yokum, Levi 200010000000 200001000000.

18. Census, 1840, Taney County, Missouri.
19. Lyman Draper, Draper Papers

(n.p.: n.pub., n.d.),

12 C.C. pg 136, interview with Jacob Stevens, Lists Matthias' children..
20. William Peck, 134 O'Shaughnessy Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94127 (cited in Derryberry's compilation), n.d..
21. Smith, Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum Families, 89.
22. The Letters of Helen Yoakum Black: Transcripts and Footnotes by Sara Stevens Patton, November 1999, Cites birth and death dates as Nov. 15 1797 as given by "various family histories".
23. Listed as follows by http://www.familytreemaker.com/_glc_/3472/3472_118.html

SUSANNA ADAMS to SOLOMON YOAKUM, Apr 8, 1793, citing "copied from the books in the courthouse, at Dandridge, Tennessee, by the compiler."
24. he was on 1850 census, which was taken October 29, 1850.
25. Census, 1850, Denton County, Texas, Listed as age 77, farmer, born Va. Also listed, daughter-in-law? Mary, age 50, born Mo, and probable grandchildren. Nancy Coker, age 29, is probably his daughter..
26. S. V. Connor, The Peters Colony of Texas

(n.p.: n.pub., 1959).
27. Census, 1850, Denton County, Listed living with grandfather Solomon with her son? Edward 8, and daughters? Marryann 4, and Anna 4.
28. Census, 1850, Denton County.
29. Census, 1850, Dade County, Missouri, Shown with family, including 9 children (Missouri through America Jane. All but Missouri were born in Missouri. Missouri born Virginia. Interesting.).
30. Everett Yoakum, The Yoakum Book

(n.p.: n.pub., n.d.).
31. CSA Military Records, n.d., "1st Mo. Vol Cav, Company E (Capt Holland's Company); Age 25; Enlisted 15 December 1861, Springfield, Missouri. Battles in: Bakers Creek, Big Black, where captured, 17 May 1863. Made his escape, went to Trans. Miss. Dept.".
32. Everett Yoakum, Yoakum Book, "In 1835 [Alfred Yoakum] moved [from Hardy County, WVA] to Barry County, Missouri, and married Maria E. Bills. Thay had one daughter and six sons. Alfred visited his brother Adam Stump Yoakum in Fannin County, Texas in 1848 and then went back to West Virginia to care for his ailing father, Michael. Michael deeded property to his son Alfred in exchange for his care until death. He drove a hard bargain. Alfred had to provide a house, food and clothing and chop his wood. In the agreement it stated that if Alfred failed to show up for three weeks the land would revert back to Michael. He also had it written that he could have enyone he wanted live with him.".
33. killed as a scout during the Civil War.
34. Census, 1840, Washington County, Arkansas, Listing for Solomon Yoakham:

Males: 2 age 5-10; 2 age 10-15; 1 age 15-20; 1 age 40-50.

Females: 2 age under 5; 2 age 5-10; 1 age 10-15; 1 age 30-40.
35. Connor, Peters Colony of Texas, "Solomon Yoacham, Jr., moved to the colony as a single man before July 1, 1848. He reported to Ward in 1850 and was issued a certificate for 320 acres, which he patented in Denton County (Fannin Third Class No. 1540). He is listed on the 1850 census (Denton County, family No. 10) as a 25 year-old farmer, born in Missouri. He was illiterate.".
36. Court Record, Denton County, Texas, n.d., County Court of Denton County, Texas

"THIS INDENTURE made and Entered into on this 4th day of March A.D. 1854 by and between Mary Yocham widow of Solomon Yocham Deceased, late of the County of Denton and State of Texas, of the first part, and William W. Martin of said County of the Second Part, Witnesseth, That Whereas, the said Mary Yocham after the decease of her husband did apply to the Hon County Court of Denton County Texas, from which Letters of Adm. issued on the estate of her said husband deceased for an amount sufficient for the support of herself and 2 minor children and also for an amount in lieu of the property exempt from execution and forced sale by the constitution and laws of the state of Texas, thereupon a Decree was passed by said court Granting to the said party 160 acres of land together with other property in lieu of said allowances said decree being made at the June Term A.D. 1852 of said court.

Be it known...that I Mary Yocham...have on the date above written for and in consideration of the sum of Five Hundred Dollars to me in hand paid by [William W. Martin]...do grant, bargain, sell...unto said William Martin...a certain tract or parcel of land containing 160 acres being part of of head right of my Deceased husband Solomon Yocham, situated on Clear Creek a tributary of Elm Fork of Trinity River and in Denton County...beginning at the S.W. corner of a 40 acre survey made for Nancy Coker, thence West 950 varas a stake in prairie, thence north 950 varas stake in prairie, thence East 950 varas the N. W. corner of said Nancy Coker survey, thence north to the place of beginning..."

Two months later the following is recorded:

"THIS INDENTURE made and entered into on this 8th day of May A.D. 1854 by and between William Martin and Nancy Martin, his wife (alias Nancy Coker) of the County of Denton and State of Texas, of the first part, and Solomon Yocham Junr. of said County and State of the Second part, Witnesseth That Whereas the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of One Hundred and sixty dollars to them paid, by the said party of the second part...do sell [etc] a certain tract or parcel of Land containing three hundred and twenty acres situated on Clear Creek a tributary of Elm Fork of Trinity in Denton County...described as follows, to wit Beginning at the N.E. corner of a survey made for Solomon Yocham Senr. Thence East one mile, thence south one half mile, thence west on mile to the south east corner of said survey made for Solomon Yocham Senr. Thence North to the place of beginning, Said land being located by virtue of the Colony Headright of Nancy Coker Now Nancy Martin, as a Colonist of Peters Colony."

I now believe that this is Mary Starnater, wife of Solomon II (born ca 1797), not Solomon 1773. The two minor children would be Anna (18) and Susannah (17)..
37. Census, 1860, San Saba County, Texas, 1860 San Saba Co., Texas, p.382

SOLOMON YOAKUM, age 28, farmer, real estate 960, personal estate 1002?, b.MO

.....POLLY YOAKUM, age 61, b. MO

.....JANE NOWLAND, age, 15, b. MO

.....SOLOMON NOWLAND, age 13, b.MO

.....ANNY YOAKUM, age 13, b. MO.
38. Census, 1870, Kimble County, Texas, 1870 Kimble Co. Texas, p.153

SOLOMON YOAKUM, age 45, vagrant, b. MO (cannot read or write)

.....POLLY YOAKUM, age 80, b. MO (cannot read or write).
39. Homestead Proof, Benton County, Arkansas, (1872), This is the Homestead Proof of the Solomon Yoakum of Benton County Arkansas. The document is dated 1878. The questions asked of him and his answers were:

What is your age? 64

When did you first establish a residence upon the land? In August 1872

Was your residence upon the land continuous? Yes, I lived on the land all the time since 1872 up to this time.

Did your family reside thereon? I had no other family except my mother who has lived with me all the time on the land.

What improvements have you made on the land? Dwelling house, stable, tobacco barn and about 20 acres fenced and in cultivation.

What is the total value of said improvements? $400.00

How much of the land have you broken and cultivated, and what crops, if any, have you raised? About 20 acres cultivated. Corn, wheat, oats and tobacco.

Solomon made his mark on this document on 28 October, 1878 in Benton Co..
40. Census, 1880, Benton County, Arkansas, 1880 Benton County, Hico Township, Arkansas

Solomon Yoakum, White,Male, age 52, Single, Farmer, b. in Missouri, father born in N.C. and Mother born in Missouri.

Mary Yoakum, white, female, age 85, Mother, Widow, b. In Missouri, father born in Germany and Mother born in Pennslyvania.

Serena?Crawford, white,female, age 18, niece, single, b. in Texas, Mother born in Missouri and father born in Missouri..
41. Connor, Peters Colony of Texas, "John Yoacham settled in the colony as a single man before July 1, 1848. He was issued a certificate for 320 acres by Ward in 1850. The certificate was sold unlocated and was later patented in Denton County (Fannin third Class No. 1542). He is listed on the 1850 census (Denton County, family No. 10) [see above] as a 24 year-old farmer, born in Missouri. He was illiterate".
42. Silas Turnbo, The Turnbo Manuscripts

(Springfield, Missouri: Springfield-Greene County Library, n.d.),

"The Last Hours or Mike Yocum"

"One of the earliest settlers in Marion County Arkansas is Mike Yocum whose name we have mentioned so frequently in these sketches. Mr. Yocum had three brothers whose names were Jess, Solomon, and Jake. These four men had crossed the deep blue sea to America from Germany when they were little boys. At the age of 17, Mike was captured by the Indians and held a captive four years."

There is apparently some confusion on Turnbo's part. If these are Solomon's (1773) children, then they include Jesse (b 1799), Solomon (b 1795), and Jacob (b. 1802). These individuals obviously did not "cross the deep blue sea from Germany".

Michael would have been 17 in 1816, about the time his father Solomon came to Arkansas. I have found not evidence for the capture. Note that Michael was married in 1818, and his son Asa was born in 1819. There appears to be a gap of ten years before the birth of his next child.

Note also that the earliest Yoakum settlers in this area were Solomon (b.1773) and his brother Jacob (James) (b. between 1764 and 1774)..
43. Turnbo, Turnbo Manuscripts, "One day in the fall of 1862, he was arrested bor being a southern man and taken to Springfield, Missouri, where he was imprisoned and compelled to suffer from disease and vermin until the following December when he was released. Sick and without money, he left the door of the prison house and walked and crawled all day. At night he found himself at 'June' Campbell's four miles south of Springfield. The poor suffering old man was completely exhausted. Exertion and disease had took away his strength and he was in a dying condition..."

"Mr. Campbell, aided by his family, dug a grave on a knoll on his farm and here the mortal remains of this old pioneer of Arkansas was deposited. Thus passed away one of Marion County's old timers and one among the best of citizens.".
44. Turnbo, Turnbo Manuscripts.
45. Census, 1850, Marion County, Arkansas, Wife shown as "Mary" on 1850 census..
46. with his wife.
47. according to birthplace listed on 1850 census.
48. Census, 1850, Lawrence County, Missouri.
49. Census, 1850, Lawrence County, Household 475, with family wife Matilda 35, sons Henry 17, James 15, Ruben 13, Jacob 11, Jasper 2, George N. 6m, and daughters Polly 9, Maranda 3, and a child named Sarah Taylor 7..
50. Henry is not positively known to be Solomon's son. He is listed in the 1850 census for Lawrence County, Missouri, near John Yoakum, a known son of Solomon. He resided in Jasper County, Missouri in 1860, where he was joined by Solomon's son Jacob's son Jacob (b. 1834).
51. Census, 1850, Lawrence County, Henry's birthplace is listed as Ohio, and his wife Mary's as Tennessee.
52. Tax List, 1835, Greene County, Missouri.
53. Census, 1850, Lawrence County, In household 614, with wife Mary E. 33, sons Jesse J. 14, John G. 12, Jacob 9, Benny D. 7, George W. 2, and daughters Rachael 5, and Martha 3..
54. Greene County (Missouri) Marriages, Book A 1833-1854, n.d..
55. Census, 1850, Denton County, Listed next door to father, Solomon (1773), with husband and children Lucinda 9, Mary Jan 5, Solomon 3. All children listed as born in Missouri.
56. Infant died at birth.
57. Dade County Marriages, 1908-1919, n.d., "John Brown of Pilgrim, Dade Co. Missouri, to Minnie Yoakum of Pilgrim. 15 Feb 1897. Md by Minister of Gospel, G. F. Carr at Pilgrim, 17 feb 1897.".
58. Census, 1850, Taney County, Missouri.
59. Census, 1850, Marion County.
60. Audrey Becker, personal communication, n.d..
61. Census, 1860, Butte County, California, Listed as H. F. Yocum age 33, b. Ark, with L. J. Yocum age 30, Jno. Yocum age 9?, and Adam J. age 6 mo..
62. reportedly while a scout in the Civil War.
63. Census, 1860, Jasper County, Missouri, 847.
64. America Eveline's line has been extensively researched by Audrey Becker, who has kindly provided me with this (and a great deal more!) info. Although I have not included all of Audrey's sources, I consider her research very reliable.
65. Census, 1900, Dade County, Missouri, Listed with wife Ticy Lee, daughter Clare, and brother-in-law Robert Malary..
66. Census, 1900, Dade County.
67. Smith, Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum Families, H.C. Smith notes a marriage record (pg 442) in Dade County, Missouri, as follows: "Lou Yokum of Watkins, m 11/25/1886 Charles C. Runyon". A search of the government's GIS database indicates that Watkins is (was) an alternate name for South Greenfield..
68. _________, Family records, from Dad's papers

(n.p.: n.pub., n.d.).

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